Letterbox #5 – Cordonices Creek

For more information and stories related to this letterbox, see the following pages under S.F. Bay History:  The Peraltas and Rancho San Antonio, or   Domingo Peralta and Rancho Cordonices.

This letterbox is hidden in Cordonices Park, in North Berkeley.  To find the letterbox, park at the entrance of Codornices Park, across from the Rose Garden, on Euclid Ave. and Eunice St in Berkeley. Behind the wooden trolley in the playground are two sets of stairs; take the left set. At the top, continue left. Then look right for a winding concrete staircase; take these up, but not all the way. Twenty feet past the first green lamp post there’s a small gate on the left with a “Private Property” sign. Enter the gate (it’s OK, they allow you to visit) and veer left at the first junction.  At the second junction, veer right.  At the third junction, veer left.  Now continue on the trail as it follows the creek uphill  to the waterfalls.  When you reach the heavy wooden plank that spans the falls, do not cross it.  Instead, turn right and you’ll see a wooden walkway that continues up the hill.  The letterbox is hidden just to the left of the beginning of this walkway. 

Be sure to read the entry on the first pages of the notebook inside the box to learn about the history of Cordonices Creek. 

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