Ygnacio Peralta and Rancho San Leandro

Ygnacio Peralta

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Ynacio was the oldest son of Luis Peralta.  He was born April 13, 1791, at San Francisco.  Ygnacio married Rafaela Sanchez on October 23, 1816, at Santa Inez Mission, and over the years they had 11 children.  He died May 9, 1874, in San Leandro.

Ygnacio moved to Rancho San Antonio in 1835 after retiring as alcalde in San José.  He and Rafaela established their residence in the southernmost area of the rancho, in present-day San Leandro.

Ygnacio's Brick Home, circa 1860

In 1860 a brick house was built for Ygnacio Peralta by his son-in-law, William P.Toler.  It was the first brick house in Alameda County, and was originally sited on forty acres of land with a palm-lined horseshoe drive and gardens that fronted on East 14th Street. The house belonged to the Peralta family until 1875, when it was sold by the widowed Senora Peralta.  The building still stands in San Leandro, and has been used as the home of the Alta Mira Club since 1926.  It is designated as California Registered Historical Landmark and is on the National Register of Historical Places.

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