Vicente Peralta and Rancho Temescal

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Portraits of Encarnación and Vicente Peralta. They were painted in 1869, and now hang in the DeYoung Museum.

In his memoir, “Seventy-Five Years In California”, William Heath Davis recounts his many visits to Rancho Temescal.  He describes Vicente Peralta as follows:

“Don Vicente was about six feet tall, finely proportioned, straight as an arrow, weighing about 240 pounds, hospitable, kind, and full of native dignity.  His surroundings were in keeping with his appearance, manners and tastes.  I have ridden in company with him going to the Feast of San Jose, when he was attired in a costly suit trimmed with gold and silver lace, sitting with ease and grace on his horse, which was equally well equipped, followed by two mounted servants twenty feet in the rear and his wife about two or three hundred yards distant with her splendidly mounted cavalcade, the whole forming a picture worthy of admiration.”

In 1836, Vicente and his wife Maria Encarnación Galindo moved onto their own portion of Rancho San Antonio, and named their section Rancho Temescal. They built an adobe home near present day 55th and Vicente Street in North Oakland.  

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